From Start to Finish

Experience a Remodeling process devoid of complexities, enabling you to fashion a home that fills you with pride each day.


Our aim is to not only meet but surpass the aspirations of our clients through designs that stand the test of time. Coupled with an unrivaled encounter and extraordinary craftsmanship, we endeavor to create an experience that leaves an indelible mark.

We firmly regard your project as a substantial investment, and in that light, we hold that impeccable customer service, unparalleled excellence, and a dash of uniqueness offer a harmonious equilibrium that fulfills the essence of our clients’ expectations.


12 Steps to Your Dream Home

Embark on a journey guided by our straightforward process, allowing you to envision your cherished pastimes, while we shoulder the entirety of the task.

Step 01

Fill Out Our Form or Visit One of Our Showrooms

Embark on communication through a call, dialing into auditory connection, or traverse the digital realm to navigate our online form, allowing your aspirations to flow into our awaiting repository. Visual stimuli, encapsulated within images, wield the power to furnish us with an unclouded voyage through the tapestry of your imaginative landscape.

Step 02

Phone Consultation

Anticipate our response to reach you through the tendrils of either telephonic discourse or the digital epistles of email, a conduit established to deliberate upon your conceptual panorama and chart the course for an intimate in-home convocation.

Step 03

In-Home Consultation

In addition, Corey Davison, the proprietor, shall embark on a sojourn to your abode, immersing in the environs you aspire to renovate. During this expedition, meticulous measurements shall be undertaken, entwined with a discourse about the pecuniary confines you set, the chronological confines that envelop your vision, and the resources requisite to inaugurate your domicile’s metamorphosis journey.

Step 04

Visit the Showroom

A rendezvous shall be orchestrated within the confines of our showroom, a symposium convened to delve into the intricacies of your blueprint, the intricate dance of pricing, the tridimensional manifestations brought to life, and the meticulous blueprints detailing the narrative of your nascent expanse. In the realm of complexity, fear not to challenge the frontiers of our creativity and expertise, as we strive to weave your conceptions into existence.

Within this juncture, the parchment of accord shall be unveiled, its contents perused jointly prior to your imprimatur. Assiduously curated, it shall encompass every facet of managerial purview, encapsulating definitive valuations within its parchment, aligning with your fiscal orbit. Moreover, the chronicle shall encase the ratified chronicle of labor’s cadence and the raw materials summoned forth to culminate your opus.

Step 05

Design Approval Process

Within the hallowed precincts of our showroom, a series of convocations shall unfold. Herein, we shall meticulously scrutinize your design, meticulously refining the elaborate blueprints that outline the contours of your nascent expanse. Irrespective of the labyrinthine nature of your conceptual panorama, I invite you to traverse the realms of our creative acumen and technical finesse, challenging the boundaries as we endeavor to orchestrate a harmonious union between your concepts and tangible reality.

Should your requisites encompass new tiles, countertops, backsplashes, hardware, or illumination, rest assured that our showrooms serve as a wellspring of provisions. Assume a leisurely stance as we navigate the labyrinth of choices, customizing each element with a discerning touch, collectively weaving the tapestry of your aspiration into existence.

Step 06

Pre-Project Walkthrough

Before the commencement of the tangible endeavors, a prelude shall unfold in the form of a guided traverse, illuminating the path that unfurls over the impending weeks. A custodian of the project shall grace your domicile, embodying the role of a superintendent, poised to undertake an exhaustive pilgrimage of measurement, a ritual that bequeaths the benediction of precision upon the undertaking.

Step 07

We Build Your Custom Cabinets

Within the confines of our atelier, the tapestry of craftsmanship unfurls as we embark on the creation of your bespoke cabinetry and the orchestration of project materials. Along this creative odyssey, we shall maintain an unbroken line of communication, offering you timely updates that chronicle the rhythmic heartbeat of progress.

Step 08

Protect Your Home

At this juncture, the stage is set for the orchestration of metamorphosis within the realm of your abode.

Before the inaugural chords of demolition, construction, and the symphony of home remodeling resound, our stewardship extends to the guardianship of your dwelling’s integrity. The ritual of fortification unfurls, an invocation to bolster the edifice’s sanctuary, ensuring its safety ere the commencement of our endeavor. To the end of embracing pristine serenity, a vigilant embrace is woven to safeguard against the incursion of dust, dirt, or detritus, thereby nurturing an environment where minimal disruptions reign.

Step 09

We Get To Work

Unified as a symphonic collective, our entire cadre is woven into the very fabric of this narrative. As we unfurl our enchantments upon your domicile, the vigilant gaze of your Project Manager shall preside over the quality of our quotidian progress, an alchemist of standards ensuring that each day’s offerings bear the mark of excellence.

In the rhythm of the passing weeks, a duet of check-ups shall grace the unfolding saga, attuned to the cadence of smooth orchestration. Our team shall function as the luminous thread connecting you to the canvas of unfolding artistry, each step a revelation that resonates through the tapestry of communication, dispelling shadows of uncertainty that might seek to take root.

Step 10

Post-Project Walkthrough

In unison, we shall embark on a culminating traverse, a final choreography that ensures every element finds its destined abode and embodies the essence of your vision. Every detail shall be meticulously scrutinized, a dance of precision that aligns reality with your aspirations. Moreover, the camera’s lens shall be wielded by our skilled artisans, capturing frozen moments that shall grace the pages of our portfolio, a testament to the symphony of collaboration that unfurled within the sanctuary of your abode.

Step 11

Have peace of mind with our Lifetime Warranty

Experience tranquility through the embrace of our Lifetime Cabinetry Warranty, an affirmation of enduring quality that intertwines with the tapestry of your abode. Harmoniously entwined are the manufacturer’s warranties, pledges of authenticity that enshroud the materials we’ve meticulously curated.

In the lamentable event that misfortune casts its shadow and the circumstance aligns with the mantle of our warranty policy and the codex of accord, rest assured that we shall return to the forefront, shepherds of resolution dedicated to restoring equilibrium.

Step 12

Follow Up

Our aspiration resonates with your enduring enjoyment of the sanctuary we’ve sculpted anew within your abode. Hence, our commitment finds expression through a melody of follow-up calls and service visits, orchestrated to ensure that the symphony of your living space resonates precisely as envisioned.


Happy Homeowners like you say..

The rapport we establish with our clients plays a pivotal role in shaping the final outcome of the design journey. A profound comprehension of our clients and forging a meaningful connection is essential—we aspire to become integral to the realization of their aspirations. Their vision becomes our shared dream, and we’re committed to turning it into reality.

As well as being very knowledgeable in their profession, they were extremely helpful and are super nice people. As the word ‘custom’ implies, your only limitation is the limit of your imagination.



Their knowledge is unmatched, and their friendly nature is a bonus. Dealing with them is an absolute pleasure, and when it comes to custom solutions, they make your wildest ideas come to life.



Their knowledge and experience are unmatched, and they are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. It’s a pleasure to work with them, and when it comes to custom services, they turn your ideas into beautiful realities.



Their expertise is top-notch, and their friendly demeanor is the icing on the cake. They are not just professionals; they are wonderful people to work with. With their custom solutions, your imagination knows no boundaries.